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supalite roof with skylight

How to spot and avoid dangerous conservatory roof systems

Old, underperforming conservatories can be transformed into comfortable living spaces all year round with a lightweight tiled roof; it’s no wonder they’ve developed into one of the most popular conservatory roof replacements available. A popular variant of tiled roof is from Supalite. We install them to homes across South Wales. However, rogue companies around the UK are installing sub-standard variants of tiled roofs, known as clad-overs. These come with considerable risk … Continue reading

PVC window system

7 top home improvement ideas for homes on any budget

Spending a lot of time at home is something we’re all guilty of. Therefore, it’s important to at least be happy with the way it looks and functions. However, to be happy with your home, you might need to improve it first. Of course, this may not be possible if you’re operating on a budget. So to help anyone get a step closer to their dream home, we’ve compiled this … Continue reading

uPVC Windows Prices Newport

How to add value to your Newport home

Since the announcement of the Severn Bridge toll being scrapped in 2017, house prices in Newport, Monmouthshire and Torfaen have gone up dramatically, rising 13.2% since last summer. With the toll due to be axed on the 17th of December, it’s likely house prices will continue rising up to and after this date. With that in mind, there couldn’t be a better time to add value to your Newport home … Continue reading

Tiled roof conservatory

5 stylish ways to revamp an old conservatory

If you were an early adopter to the big conservatory boom that occurred a couple of decades ago, it’s highly likely that you’re a homeowner who frequently suffers from many of the drawbacks that can often arise with an old conservatory. At The Monmouthshire Window Company, we don’t think it’s fair that more contemporary home extensions get to have all the fun, so we’ve put together a list of methods … Continue reading

Black sash window

Are aluminium windows available in every window style?

The most modern and durable window material by far, aluminium first made a name for itself primarily due to its use within commercial projects. It’s strong, customisable, but most importantly has a life span of up to 25 years, which when compared to conventional uPVC represents great value. It’s with this in mind that you’ll be pleased to hear that aluminium windows are available in virtually every window style, allowing … Continue reading

Smarts bifold door

2017 Home Improvement Wish List

In less than a month, 2017 will have arrived. A new year is often a time when we think about updating our home. Do you have any home improvement plans for the new year? Whether you’re considering replacement windows, a new front door, or a home extension with an orangery or conservatory; aluminium is predicted to be the popular choice for 2017. Residential aluminium increase Aluminium has long been thought … Continue reading

Tiled roof conservatory

Make your conservatory Christmas ready with a tiled roof!

If you’re in agreement with the band Wizzard in the sense that you wish it could be Christmas every day, you better make sure that your home’s conservatory is sufficiently Winter-ready with a new thermally insulating tiled roof solution, being ideal for locking in the heat and keeping the family comfortable during the festive period. With the nights getting darker and the breezes ever so subtly becoming colder with the … Continue reading

Double bay windows

How uPVC windows can help reduce your energy bills!

The thought of simply throwing away hundreds of pounds every year, is one that would surely make most homeowner’s spines shiver right? Unfortunately, if your home is one of the many still boasting a poorly engineered uPVC window that hasn’t been replaced since the 80’s, it’s highly likely that your home is suffering from poor insulation and as such, you could have the potential to reduce your home’s energy bills. … Continue reading

Blue composite door

Get the neighbours talking with a coloured composite door

It’s been a well-known fact amongst knowledgeable homeowners for a while now that composite doors are unparalleled in terms of their aesthetic style, thermal performance and all round design, but it might just shock you just how many unique design options are available – especially in terms of colour! Not only are our range of composite doors strong, secure and durable, but they greatly allow room for homeowners to get … Continue reading

Supalite tiled roofs

Upgrade your conservatory with a tiled roof

A conservatory has been a cherished, appreciated and much loved addition to the British home now for several decades largely thanks to their instant ability to offer vast amounts of extra space, present somewhere to relax and even their capability to bring in more of the outside beauty! But what if you’re a homeowner who unfortunately over time has been suffering from frequent draughts and pesky cold spots that renders … Continue reading