Bifold Doors in Monmouthshire

Timber, Modern uPVC and Aluminium doors

Bifold doors are growing in popularity thanks to their ability to create spacious, light living spaces without compromising on thermal efficiency or durability. To make your neighbours really envious, choose from our fantastic range of bifold doors at The Monmouthshire Window Company – we offer options in timber, modern uPVC and aluminium.

Bring the outside in

Bifold doors are an easy way to make the most of your internal and exterior living spaces. With large panes of glazing, you can enjoy the views of your garden or patio, without letting in draughts and Welsh weather. If we’re lucky enough to experience some sun rays in Summer, then bifold doors can be easily opened to increase ventilation.

Their slimline design and ability to hold large panes of glass (especially when made from modern aluminium), means that the natural influx of light can be optimised in your living space. This can make your living room, kitchen or other room seem far more spacious.

Comfortable living spaces, 365 days a year

Thanks to the thermal efficiency of timber, modern uPVC or aluminium bifolds from the Smarts System, living spaces with bi fold doors can be enjoyed all year round, without the worry of draughts, leaks or being too stuffy or cold.

Equally, you can incorporate up to 6 sliding panels and choose which side you want the doors to open from, whether internally or externally. It is therefore easy to make bespoke bifold doors for your home, furthered by the fact that all of those installed by The Monmouthshire Window Company are made-to-measure.


Why choose bi-folds from The Monmouthshire Window Company?

  • Available in state-of-the-art aluminium – the most durable material
  • Made-to-measure the dimensions of your living space
  • Easy to bring the outside in and make living spaces seem more spacious
  • Yale locks enhance security, making your home safer
  • Planitherm thermally insulating glass as standard – A rated for energy performance!
  • Reliable tradesmen with 15 years’ experience
  • Highest quality products, prices and service

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 Features & Benefits

  • High-specification & durable materials used
  • Suited to different styles of property
  • Increased energy efficiency – decreased energy expenditure
  • Range of colour and finish options
  • Choice of additional hardware – added decoration or security
  • Quick to install & easy to maintain

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