Double glazing in Monmouthshire

Improve warmth & save money

Increased insulation for a more comfortable living environment

One of the most effective methods of reducing the large amount of heat that would typically escape through your windows, double glazing is a simple yet effective solution that is fast becoming the industry standard for comfortable living in the 21st century. Suitable for application in both modern builds and period homes, double glazing provides a wealth of additional benefits of value to the homeowner.

Double glazing is the act of using two glass panels within a window’s frame as opposed to the typical one, this helps improve insulation by trapping heat within the two panes and results in less energy consumption in the home. Depending on the size of your home, double glazed windows have the potential to save you between £40 and £170 annually.

Save on energy bills and enjoy better warmth

Immediately after your new double glazed windows are installed, you’ll begin reaping the financial benefits with heat being more easily trapped between the panes leaving you less inclined to switch on the central heating as would normally be the case. If your home is still making use of windows that were installed decades ago, not only will they be single pane but will most likely suffer from leaks or draughts – no more with double glazed windows.

Single glazed windows can sometimes suffer from annoying condensation when moisture builds up over time, particularly in older homes as it causes mould and sometimes rot. Double glazing works it’s magic by reducing this excess moisture on your window panes, improving not only your property’s health but your family’s also.

Advantages of double glazing from Monmouthshire

  • Suitable for use in both uPVC and Aluminium products
  • Exceedingly low U-values of 1.1W/m2K far below the required 1.8
  • Resistant against condensation and increased soundproofing
  • An extra layer of protection against any unwanted intruders
  • Can lead to annual savings of around £170 when upgrading – a futureproof investment
  • Greatly enhances the thermal retention of your home, keeping it warmer for longer
  • Highly insulating against extreme temperatures, cooler in the summer

An extra layer of glass makes all the difference

Not only will double glazed windows from Monmouthshire ensure that your home easily exceeds the required WER rating of ‘C’, but adding this extra layer of glass can help make all the difference in some subtle yet appreciated ways.

Double glazing effectively reduces the outside noise to make for a calmer, quitter living environment. It’s been proven that high performance double glazing can improve acoustic insulation by up to 60% making it a great investment for those who live alongside busy roads. Similarly useful, the secondary glass pane further will discourage intruders for improved safety and security – being more difficult to break in through.

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 Features & Benefits

  • High-specification & durable materials used
  • Suited to different styles of property
  • Increased energy efficiency – decreased energy expenditure
  • Range of colour and finish options
  • Choice of additional hardware – added decoration or security
  • Quick to install & easy to maintain

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