supalite roof with skylight

How to spot and avoid dangerous conservatory roof systems

Old, underperforming conservatories can be transformed into comfortable living spaces all year round with a lightweight tiled roof; it’s no wonder they’ve developed into one of the most popular conservatory roof replacements available. A popular variant of tiled roof is from Supalite. We install them to homes across South Wales. However, rogue companies around the UK are installing sub-standard variants of tiled roofs, known as clad-overs. These come with considerable risk … Continue reading

Tiled roof conservatory

5 stylish ways to revamp an old conservatory

If you were an early adopter to the big conservatory boom that occurred a couple of decades ago, it’s highly likely that you’re a homeowner who frequently suffers from many of the drawbacks that can often arise with an old conservatory. At The Monmouthshire Window Company, we don’t think it’s fair that more contemporary home extensions get to have all the fun, so we’ve put together a list of methods … Continue reading

Tiled roof conservatory

Make your conservatory Christmas ready with a tiled roof!

If you’re in agreement with the band Wizzard in the sense that you wish it could be Christmas every day, you better make sure that your home’s conservatory is sufficiently Winter-ready with a new thermally insulating tiled roof solution, being ideal for locking in the heat and keeping the family comfortable during the festive period. With the nights getting darker and the breezes ever so subtly becoming colder with the … Continue reading